After Office Drinks, Cebu

At exactly 6 P.M. , we  took the Maayo Shipping Lines off to Cebu.  Since it was just a 30-minute boat ride from our place (Dumaguete City), we didn't get off the car and spent the whole ride listening to music, eating and chitchatting.
We arrived Cebu around 10 P.M. after a relaxing car drive and went directly to YO.U to grab some drinks to de-stress.  There were a lot of party goers  bustling the streets, some were even drunk at the hour as it was a Flyday night. Why don't you check out this place when you're visiting Cebu, so full of life and music.  I think they have a live band perform every night.

 A flower-detailed crop top , some comfy jeans with an orange belt, a casual outfit, adding bangles in vibrant colors to finish the look.

ARM CANDY.  Bought from Call It Spring and spike bracelets from Aldo.  Watch - Fossil. 

This was taken inside The Alchology.  We were just in time for the party.  Everyone was having a good time dancing, partying all night long. I could have rested after a long drive but when I'm in Cebu,  there's so much to do.  and PARTYING is one of them.  It never really was a party outfit, I just wanted to have a few drinks and jive into the music but this friend of mine wanted me to check Club Alcohology since this bar has just opened the last quarter of 2011.  It's kind of the "new kid on the block".  Fun crowd. CHEERS, to having a great time! 

I am really sorry I forgot where the clutch exactly came from but I'm pretty sure this was bought from one of the many travels.  Flats bought from Tomato.  I am addicted to Tomato shoes, not just the shoes but most of their items!  It is fresh, trendy,and super AFFORDABLE!

Good times! Great friends!

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