September Favorites

September Favorites

1. HANDMADE Beaded-jewelry organizer (gift) - This has been used as a room decor because of its beautiful intricate details.  It was a gift from my hubby who just arrived from an international travel.  Thank you so much! How thoughtful of him!
2. Morocco Argan Oil - I could tell this is the complete beauty package.
3. Essence lipgloss (gift) - A friend from Riyadh gave this to me and I have been using it the day I get my hands on it. :)
4. Forever 21 earrings - My forever 21 earrings and bracelets (No. 4 & 5) were all from an international travel.  A must have for any glamor girl out there.
5. Forever 21 stack bracelets
6. Mary Kay lipgloss
 - Everytime I put on a heavy eye makeup, a nude lipstick would totally pull it off.


August Favorites

1. No7 Beautiful Skin Quick Thinking wipes (Makeup Remover) - One of the beauty products I love.  It cleanse, tones and moisturizes.  My best friend especially during those lazy late nights.
2. MK-inspired bracelet (turquoise) 
3. Cross and wing bracelet in Electric Blue
4. Miss Dior (Cherie)  which I adore.
5. Maybelline Dream Liquid Mousse Foundation (Airbrush Finish) - It covers imperfections and gives a light dewy     finish to the skin.  What I love about this product is that it gives a certain glow to my skin.
6. NYX matte lipstick .