In Life and Love

finding our personal legend is what we are here for..our mission on Earth is to find GOD, happiness, fulfillment, and the ultimate purpose of creation.. along with it is the journey called LIFE..

GOD asks no man whether he will accept LIFE..that is not the choice..one must take it..the only choice is how..
and through LIFE we will find the TREASURE..the TREASURE lies where our heart belongs..simple things are the most valuable and only wise people appreciate them..

the FEAR of FAILURE  seems to to be the greatest obstacle in one's life.... DENIES to follow dreams, denies to see GOD..

the FEAR of falling in LOVE ... where LOVe is the core of existence and creation..when we love, we always try to improve ourselves, and that's when everything is possible..   


The Way Life Is

life is indeed full of contradictions.. sometimes its crazy to be sane..u need to fall to fly..people suffer bcuz u care..u have to unlearn to know the lesson..u have to give up bcuz u are strong..u have to be wrong to make things right..nonetheless, life's complexities are also life's source of beauty..we should cry to laugh again..fall apart to be whole again..and get hurt to love again.. 

Coffee Break: Random

sometimes we have to just forget the rules, follow our heart and see where it takes us..never apologize for saying what we feel coz that is like saying sorry for bein real..

never regret anythin you said or did coz at some point, it was what u wanted..true strength is being able to hold it all together when everyone else is expectin you to fall apart..


TOMATO shoes: So Fab!

Perfect for all sorts of occasions

Aren't they just beyond fantabulous? The camera might not capture the right colors but the black and silver patent effect on the shoe is eye stealing. Eyes poppin'! 

Tomato really offers trendy and stylish apparel. This is just one of their collection. It's all about fun and attitude.  Tomato is not yet available here in Dumaguete City where I live.  I only got this through a friend who lives in Manila and sent it to me via LBC.  That's how addicted I am to Tomato! 

This certainly can go with any outfit, be it skinny jeans, dresses or denim shorts.  So versatile..  You can practically wear it everyday just as they are comfortable too.  This adds glamor and an extra "oomph" to the outfit.

This definitely is a big steal.  Wait till you see my gold-glitter clutch bag!  



my comfy Suelas shoes

 NEVER settle for less when it comes to sHoEs

I have been loving these shoes for awhile now! My comfy shoes as of the moment, I would say.  There's like a cushion wrapped inside of it and had a bouncy feeling.  It feels so good on my feet that I don't mind wearing them forever.

Aren't they just adorable? I got mine designed with glitters.  I so love them that I am getting another pair this weekend. Oh my, craziness!

I am not a shoe-kind-of person when it comes to travelling.  I usually put on slippers or sneakers when I'm out but this time, I'm pretty sure you will see me with my Suelas shoes on. And oh did I mention just how affordable they are? This costs 999Php at Lee Super Plaza (Dumaguete City). Not bad eh, for such soft shoes.

This I definitely recommend perfect for travelling or days that require so much walking. It brings HAPPINESS to one's feet.  Enjoy!