my comfy Suelas shoes

 NEVER settle for less when it comes to sHoEs

I have been loving these shoes for awhile now! My comfy shoes as of the moment, I would say.  There's like a cushion wrapped inside of it and had a bouncy feeling.  It feels so good on my feet that I don't mind wearing them forever.

Aren't they just adorable? I got mine designed with glitters.  I so love them that I am getting another pair this weekend. Oh my, craziness!

I am not a shoe-kind-of person when it comes to travelling.  I usually put on slippers or sneakers when I'm out but this time, I'm pretty sure you will see me with my Suelas shoes on. And oh did I mention just how affordable they are? This costs 999Php at Lee Super Plaza (Dumaguete City). Not bad eh, for such soft shoes.

This I definitely recommend perfect for travelling or days that require so much walking. It brings HAPPINESS to one's feet.  Enjoy!

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