The Prawn Farm, Bohol

We are here in Bohol to visit my godsister and hubby who just came from Texas.  I have a separate blog about the mini reunion, but right now, I will be talking about The Prawn Farm.

It was a Monday, our last day in Bohol and we have the whole day to enjoy Bohol so we decided to hit the mall to buy some pasalubong (keepsake/presents from a travel).

Located at the 2nd floor of Island City Mall.  In between fast food chains stands a  fine dining resto 
that at first my hubby and I were hesitant  because the place looks a bit formal.  
Thanks to the menu placed just outside the restaurant gave us an idea of what to expect.

Menu serves variety of dishes

Interior design

we like to sit right next to the bar :)

fine dining

seafood tanks containing crabs, prawns and fresh fish


I love seafood!

Yang chow fried rice

Sizzling bangus

Mango shake.  

Calamares..Sauce was really tasty...I would definitely recommend this!

If you are in Bohol, I would definitely recommend this place.

 Outfit of the Day = Forever 21 top, local shorts, Ipanema slippers, Aldo sunnies
Thank you GlamourMeJewels for my bracelet.  All the way from Texas! 

 I enjoyed riding their mini cabs/pedicab and walking along the city streets. It was a fun weekend getaway. 
I cannot wait to plan another trip to Bohol again.  The famous Chocolate Hills, floating restaurant, Tarsier, zipline, etc....This place is worth the SPLURGE!


(Sans Rival Bistro, Atong Kamalig Dumaguete, Qyosko)

Sans Rival Bistro

The newly reconstructed building 

Concorde cake & Iced Coffee (Topped with sweetened whipped cream, grated little chocolate over and a chocolate chip)

Sinfully delicious cakes

The place for coffee, cake and RELAXATION.

The only accessory I wore that day, a watch from IDENTITY London and  a spike bracelet from a thrift store.

Cafe Latte
Excellent service - We were warmly welcomed by the waitresses who sat us down  and brought in the menus.
Going for a quick trip to Dumaguete? Don't forget to take home a few boxes of Silvanas!

 I am sorry I did not get the chance to take photos at the al fresco area which is facing the Boulevard. 

Atong Kamalig Dumaguete

Friday, finally, the weekends! My hubby and I used to be party goers when we were in our teens.  Something in common u got there huh?  Even when we get married, we still manage to go out, unwind and enjoy each other's company.

After dinner, we went to Atong Kamalig to grab a few drinks with the family.  This place offers a long list of grilled meats and seafood.  What I love is their savory pork barbecue with garlic rice and their oh so crunchy crablets too! 


Opt for Casual Comfort

This was taken after a long day's work, errands that require lots of walking..urrghh!  Do  I look exhausted? I  am sorry.

random skinny jeans

Candy-colored bracelet - bought from the many travels

This necklace was a gift.

My abuse Tomato shoes.  One of my fave shoes.  Apart from its versatility that goes with many outfits, it gives this loving comfort to my feet.   

Guess bag.  I have this for 2 years.  Time to buy another one?

Fossil watch

 Thanks everyone!