(Sans Rival Bistro, Atong Kamalig Dumaguete, Qyosko)

Sans Rival Bistro

The newly reconstructed building 

Concorde cake & Iced Coffee (Topped with sweetened whipped cream, grated little chocolate over and a chocolate chip)

Sinfully delicious cakes

The place for coffee, cake and RELAXATION.

The only accessory I wore that day, a watch from IDENTITY London and  a spike bracelet from a thrift store.

Cafe Latte
Excellent service - We were warmly welcomed by the waitresses who sat us down  and brought in the menus.
Going for a quick trip to Dumaguete? Don't forget to take home a few boxes of Silvanas!

 I am sorry I did not get the chance to take photos at the al fresco area which is facing the Boulevard. 

Atong Kamalig Dumaguete

Friday, finally, the weekends! My hubby and I used to be party goers when we were in our teens.  Something in common u got there huh?  Even when we get married, we still manage to go out, unwind and enjoy each other's company.

After dinner, we went to Atong Kamalig to grab a few drinks with the family.  This place offers a long list of grilled meats and seafood.  What I love is their savory pork barbecue with garlic rice and their oh so crunchy crablets too! 
 Oh, I didn't drink.  I was having ice tea and ohh a lot of munching and talking.=)
What most people love about this place is that there is music every night that showcase local talents.


To end the night, we went to Qyosko a 24-hour diner located just outside the heart of downtown Dumaguete.  It is open everyday except for Sundays.  Their wide range of menu is chalked over a board with prices so affordable (ranging from 85PHP to 200PHP)and servings are hefty enough for sharing.  What we ordered was their famous arroz balao and chicken tocino (a must try).  They also have a coffee shop (Cafe Espresso) that offers  a great variety of  pastries and cakes and tasty coffee.  If you're a traveler on a budget, Qyosko is the perfect place for you.

How did your weekend go?


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  2. hey, thank u...i know right the iced coffee was super tasty.:)
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  3. let's follow each other?

  4. Hi there sweetie! I'm searching for breakfast places at Dumaguete, for we will be there 1st week of June. Landed here, and thought you have great views! Let's follow each other ha! http://www.gastronomybyjoy.com/ thanks BTW:)

    1. Hi! Thanks for dropping by my blog. How did u find Dumaguete so far? Try having breakfast at the Qyosko or Gabby's Bistro..Would be glad to follow u back. Enjoy, Dumaguete!