TOMATO shoes: So Fab!

Perfect for all sorts of occasions

Aren't they just beyond fantabulous? The camera might not capture the right colors but the black and silver patent effect on the shoe is eye stealing. Eyes poppin'! 

Tomato really offers trendy and stylish apparel. This is just one of their collection. It's all about fun and attitude.  Tomato is not yet available here in Dumaguete City where I live.  I only got this through a friend who lives in Manila and sent it to me via LBC.  That's how addicted I am to Tomato! 

This certainly can go with any outfit, be it skinny jeans, dresses or denim shorts.  So versatile..  You can practically wear it everyday just as they are comfortable too.  This adds glamor and an extra "oomph" to the outfit.

This definitely is a big steal.  Wait till you see my gold-glitter clutch bag!  

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